Energy – it’s an essential topic in the conversations of now, and many believe liquefied natural gas (LNG), is the energy source of the future. As a result, plant numbers throughout the world continue to pop up, as does the need for the technology to keep those plants functional at lower costs. Komax Systems Inc. – the one company that is keeping up with the massive increase in demand for desuperheaters necessary to ensure these LNG plants are more effective than ever.

With the concentration of large EPC (Engineering Procurement & Construction) companies serving the Energy industry in Texas, working with our highly skilled Komax Representative in your area will provide you with the industry knowledge and application expertise to assure success for solutions including: Desuperheaters, Gas/Liquid Contactors and Gas/Gas mixers. The Desuperheaters, and or, Gas/Liquid Contactors have been specifically designed for injecting a liquid into a superheated gas stream and are manufactured from materials to match the application.

Gas or Steam desuperheaters are a must in an LNG plant setting, and for a number of plants, the Komax brand is the only place to turn.

Unlike other options on the market, the Komax Desuperheater has six fixed mixing elements. Once the superheated steam comes into the Equalizer™ module and is combined with the injected cooling product, it is then divided and mixed by the elements in each of the six holes. Multiple impingement mixing zones develop at the exit, completing the three-stage contacting process. For more on the Desuperheater.



  • Power Generation
  • Biofuel
  • Food
  • Oil Sands /Mining Mineral
  • Desalination
  • Muni & Waste
  • Petro Chemical / Pipeline
  • Plastics Processing
  • Pulp Manufacturing


  • Saturated steam
  • Superheated steam
  • Water
  • Propane vapor
  • Propane liquid
  • Regenerant
  • Boiler feed water

End Connections & Available Custom Options

Flanged Ends: Flanged end connections allow for easy mounting of the desuperheater into the process pipeline. As a general standard, metal desuperheaters have raised face flanges per ASME B16.5 or ASME B16.47 (for sizes larger than 24”) standards. Komax can also fabricate mixers to contain DIN (metric) flanges as well.

Threaded Ends: Komax Systems offers male and female NPT end connections on desuperheaters as required.

Weld Prep Ends: For custom configuration Komax Systems offers weld prep end connections on Desuperheaters.

*All desuperheaters are made per customer specification; end connection type can be made per customer request.

Materials & Sizing

Diameter: NEED INFO

Standard Metals: NEED INFO

Exotic Metals: NEED INFO

Pipe Schedule: NEED INFO

Your Best Option

Wondering just what makes the Komax Desuperheater so good? Three stages of mixing including our patented Equalizer™ mixing module within the desuperheater. Cooling happens almost instantly as it exits the mixing module, thus it doesn’t require the extensive downstream pipe lay length required by old-school designs. In fact, it needs less space, delivers more accurate temperature control and reduces or eliminates thermal cycling fatigue in your piping, ensuring improved safety, less wear and downtime.

There are no moving parts, and our steam desuperheaters offer high levels of consistency. Maintenance is never an issue as the low pressure nozzle lasts and lasts. Almost no noise or vibration can be expected, and it’s a perfect fit for limited space.

Our patented Komax Desuperheater will exceed your expectations by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your gas desuperheating application at a price you can afford.

Fill out a RFQ form on our website today or contact Komax Systems, Inc. by phone at 800-826-0760 and you will speak to a dedicated Applications Specialist in your industry and be put in contact with the Local Komax Representative in your area.

Interested in better understanding the specification of our products for your current and future plants/contracts? Call us to schedule a Lunch and Learn Session!

Special thanks to Doug Tyler at Dakota Process.


Downloadable Information:

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