Steam Heater & Oxygen Contacting

In 1990 a Canadian bleach mill asked Komax if it would be possible to inject and mix steam directly into a low and medium consistency pulp stock line. To solve this difficult mixing problem Komax developed and patented a revolutionary static mixer. This very short unit contains six parallel mixing chambers where pulp stock and steam are contacted and mixed. Today these units are installed in 250 mills around the world performing without vibration and noise at high mixing efficiency.

Komax steam heaters replace old style motor driven peg mixers at one-third the cost for handling medium consistency stock. There are no motors, seals or gearboxes to repair or replace. They now find service for heating green liquor, black liquor and white water at flow rates in excess of 5000 gpm.

Direct Injection Steam Heating of White Water.

International Paper, Augusta, Georgia

Installed March, 1998

Customer Problem

Paper Machine Breaks and Rejects

Far too frequently, rejects and breaks on the paper machine plagued International Paper of Augusta, Georgia. Such a problem resulted in lower-grade paper and unscheduled downtime.

The Komax Solution: Plant engineers decided to increase the temperature of the white water flowing to the paper machine. This would decrease the viscosity of the adhesive chemicals in the water and lead to better drainage on the paper machine and h4er quality paper.

International Paper contacted Komax Systems to install a system to heat their white water. Komax provided the Augusta mill with a 14-inch diameter direct injection steam heater. This steam heater now operates 24 hours a day, and plant engineers estimate that mill savings will be $1,000,000 per year due to this heater installation.


Due to the outstanding success of the Komax Heater on Paper Machine #1, International Paper has duplicated this system on Paper Machine #2. Projected savings on this heater, installed in July 1999, is $3,000,000.00 per year.

Heater Specifications:

White Water Flow Rate 3,500 gpm

Starting Temperature 95 degrees F

Final Temperature 135 degrees F

Steam Flow 60,000 lbs/hr

Steam Pressure 175 psig

Let Komax application engineers help you with your mixing problem. Contact us by fax or by E-mail. We hope to add your mills’ name to our installation list in 1999.




A major 1100 ton/day U.S mill reported CLO2 savings of $30,000 a month after installing a Komax steam heater. Their 4.5 percent pulp stock line temperature was increased to 150 degrees Fahrenheit by a 12 inch Komax heater. The seasonal delta T range is 25 to 50 degrees F. CLO2 savings for this mill will exceed $2,000,000 U.S. dollars over the projected life of the Komax steam heater.

Komax Steam Heater Mixes Oxygen

Two major mills in North America have recently installed Komax inline steam heaters for heating 10% to 12% consistency stock prior to mixing in the oxygen. Komax engineers suggested “since the steam heater is an improved Komax static mixer design it will also mix the oxygen with the steam into the pulp stock”. The mills ordered the steam heaters with the Komax oxygen injectors. End results was heated stock with 100% dispersion of micro fine oxygen bubbles throughout the pulp stock stream. This saved the cost of a medium consistency mechanical oxygen mixer before the upflow tower. No moving parts in the Komax heater has removed the worry over unscheduled downtime associated with mechanical devices. Capital investment and energy savings connected with these two installations are extremely significant.

More and more mills are reporting outstanding chemical savings after installing a Komax direct steam heater.

FACT: Heat improves chemical reaction…

Size selection based on water-like product flow

Calculate Heat Load Factor Q x D T. Q = liquid flow in USGPM, D = temperature rise ° F

Enter the graph below at the calculated Heat Load Factor.

Move up to steam psia value = psig + 15

Move left to read the minimum steam heater diameter required.

Calculate steam flow required = Q x D T x 0.43 lb/hr

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