Komax Ozone Mixer Advantages Versus a Mechanical Mixer

The Komax ozone mixer mixing elements guarantee full radial, wall to wall distribution of the micron size ozone bubbles. Compare this with the brute force approach of high speed, high horse power mechanical mixers, which churn in the ozone mixer in a very narrow area of the water stream with a small diameter propeller. In large flow rates multiple high-speed mechanical mixers must be installed to provide adequate distribution of the ozone bubbles. Only one low pressure drop Komax static mixer is required reducing the energy requirement 95% while offering 100 times longer mixing or contacting time. Pipe line bottom and sidewall short circuiting of the ozone is totally eliminated. No bearing or seals to replace in the twenty years of service life.

The Komax ozone mixers break up these micro bubbles further, increasing the contact area of the bubbles and resulting surface area 22 times!

Komax Ozone Injectors

The patented Komax 20 micron porous removable ozone injector is integrated on the leading edge of the first static ozone mixing element.

The 20-micron ozone injector creates billions of ozone bubbles and intimately disperses them throughout the process flow

Komax ozone mixer chopping micro-bubbles into micron sized bubbles. The results are a 22x increase in gas/liquid contact and improved ozone efficacy.

1/2″ x 3″ – Komax 316L S.S. Porous Injector

Komax patented foil style 316L S.S. porous injector