ClO2 Bleach Mixer

The Komax Chlorine Dioxide High Substitution Bleaching System is now an established and reliable technology used by modern mills worldwide. Our unique “Triple Action Mixer” creates back mixing which produces the high shear that is needed to separate the pulp fibers. Fluidization of the pulp also occurs, allowing excellent chemical contacting which reduces chemical usage.

Low and Medium Consistency Chlorine Dioxide Bleach Mixing Save Thousands of Dollars in Capital Investment and Energy

More and more mills in the U.S. and Canada bleaching medium consistency stock with100% chlorine dioxide have reduced their capital equipment costs by installing a single Komax fiberglass static pulp stock mixer. A low cost Komax static mixer installed upstream of the mechanical high-shear mixer acts as a pre-mixer. Chlorine dioxide solution is injected into a FRP static mixer. The four element static mixer thoroughly mixes the CLO2 into the pulp diluting it down before entering the downstream high shear mechanical mixer. This enables the pulp mill to purchase a far less expensive stainless mechanical mixer avoiding the very high cost of a mechanical titanium mixer. Savings will be well over $100,000. Mills that have installed the Komax static mixer were surprised to find that it was providing 100% of the mixing when they had to remove the high shear for repair. Most of the mills have left the mechanical mixer out of the line saving 200 h.p. The energy saved in one year equates to four times the cost of the Komax static. Added to the savings is zero maintenance for ten years of service.

Mead Paper in Ohio and Michigan, as have a number of other mills, found there was no process change when the high shear mechanical mixer was removed for repair. They were impressed that the Komax static mixer was handling 100% of the mixing. To save energy and maintenance the high shear mixer was taken out of the system. CHLORINE DIOXIDE MIXERS
ºKomax Static Mixer Mechanical M/C High Shear
Material of construction: FRP & KYNAR TITANIUM
Consistency range: 2% to 15% 2% to 15%
Yearly energy cost: $ 4,500 * $ 75,000 *
Operational life: 10 to12 years 3 to 5 years
Maintenance: Total life Zero $ 100,000 +
- - -
Equipment cost: $ 22,000 U.S. $ 450,000 + U.S.

* Yearly energy cost based on $300 per year per horse power.

A) Spend $450,000 for a titanium high shear mechanical mixer.

B) Spend $ 22,000 for a Komax Systems static mixer.

More and more pulp and paper mills are choosing Plan B. Some mills have left the down stream mechanical stainless steel mixer in place. They find since the Komax mixer is so effective the diluted ClO2 has minimal corrosive effect on the stainless MC mixer.

At a later date when the MC was removed for repair, there was no change inthe process because the Komax static mixer had already achieved 100% mixing.

Mississippi River Corporation, Natchez, MS Mead Paper, Chillicothe, OH
Mead Paper, Escanaba, MI Georgia Pacific, Crossett, AR
International Paper, Georgetown, SC Wisconsin Tissue Mills, Menasha, WI
Champion International, Quinnesec, MI Boise Cascade, St. Helens, OR
St. Anne Nackawic, Nackawic, New Brunswick Lincoln Pulp & Paper, Lincoln, NE
Finch Pruyn & Co., Glen Falls, NY Hammermill Papers, Erie, PA
Fletcher Challenge, Mackenzie, British Columbia -
Howe Sound Pulp & Paper Ltd., Port Mellon, British Columbia -

Mead Paper in Ohio (like other mills) found their was no process change when the Komax mixer had to handle 100% of the mixing when the high shear was pulled out for service.


Mackenzie – British Columbia, Canada

The mill installed a Komax Chlorine Dioxide static mixer up stream of a high shear mechanical mixer. When the high shear mixer had to be removed for service the engineers found there was no change in the quality of mixing.

The Technical Superintendent stated “The Komax static mixer has been doing the bulk of the mixing prior to entering the high shear mechanical mixer. For mills that feel that high HP and brute force does the job, they should contact the Mackenzie Pulp Mill.” The high shear mixer was left out of the bleach line.