Komax Systems, Inc. has long been one of the top providers of inline mixing and heating products throughout the food and beverage industry. See both our Case Studies page and our Client List to find real applications of our products, then contact us for your own customized Sanitary Inline Mixer or Heater for your company.

Sanitary Inline Heater

A big part of steam heating line, this is a smaller diameter version of the Komax Direct Steam Heaters line, and it’s improved the heating of liquids as well as the cooking process when heavy, viscous slurries are involved. Here you’ll always find superior starch cookers that are unbeatable when compared to yesterday’s direct steam cookers

The process begins in the static mixing chamber, ensuring complete, uniform heating throughout the process flow. It’s also worry free, as there are no moving parts to consider. Efficiency is the name of the game, working on low steam power at 25 to 50 psi. For steam cooking, the Sanitary Inline Steam Heater is a serious breakthrough – you get a smooth flow with no moving parts, perfect for CIP or disassembly for cleaning.

Sanitary Static Heater

When a uniformly blended output is the goal, Komax’s in-line motionless static mixers are the only answer. They have the ability to convert a multiple component input stream perfectly. Ideal for solids like tomato paste, viscous liquids like syrups, or light fluids like sodas and drinks.

The best part about our static mixers is that there are no moving parts, and it’s easy to disassemble for cleaning in place or external cleaning. Each of our linine static motionless mixers come with sanitary tri-clover end fittings. Choose your tube size from one through twelve inches. Each is electropolished and built from 316 stainless steel. Easy installation is a given thanks to flow direction arrows.

With Komax, substantial savings is always possible thanks to the fact that the power comes from proportioning pumps in the tube or the pipe line system itself. Predictable quality is the only output you’ll find with Komax motionless mixers.

Sanitary Scepter Tank Heater

Looking for versatility? The Komax Sanitary Scepter Tank Heater is the best choice. Built for quiet, vibration free efficiency, these offer direct steam injection for eating water compatible products. Each offers strong stirring actions to hold both solids and particulates in perfect suspension and achieve a uniform temperature throughout the tank. Choose from one to ten inch pipe sizes. Each is constructed from high quality 316 stainless steel. Mount it above your current tank, below it, or beside it. You can even choose your threaded pipe connection for the steam – select the right size from one to three inches.

Designed for a number of sanitary applications including: starches, slurries, dairy products, mayonnaise, stew/soups, pastries, sauces and gravies, purees, pulps, baby food, juices, vinegar, water, CIP solutions, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and puddings.