Wafer Static Mixer

The patented Komax Wafer Static Mixer is designed to fit between existing pipe flanges of any specification. This makes the wafer style static mixer easier for new and retrofit installations when there is limited space available and you are not able to install a traditional static mixer. In addition to solving the limited space availability the Komax Wafer Static Mixer offers advantages over traditional static mixers by allowing up to three injection ports and utilizing patented vortex generating element technology with clog-resistant counter-flow injection. Designed to clamp between pipe flanges Komax Wafer Mixer technology employs a unique vortex generating element (see image group1) that helps achieve a desirable mixing quality by creating three-way counter-rotating vortex pairs as compared to typical energy inefficient two-way mixers on the market. The element height and inclination angle offers short mixing length with low-pressure loss in various flow conditions. The additive chemical is introduced in the center line of the wafer static mixer on the upstream side. A discharge cone (see image group 2) enables the injected chemical to be distributed evenly through the three vortex-inducing passages. The pressure difference between front and back side of each element produces a reversed flow that carries the chemical back toward the rear side of the mixer. Intensive mixing occurs by the resulting vorticial structure from the distinctive three-way counter rotating vortex pairs. Sizes are available from 4” to 60” nominal diameter and in standard materials of construction: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, PVC, FRP, and can also be made from Titanium or specialty metal alloys as required.



  • Municipal Water Waste Water
  • Oil & Gas


  • Water Flocculation
  • sodium hypo
  • chlorine & alum
  • chemicals
  • water
  • polymer solution
  • aq chemicals
  • sodium hydroxide
  • dilute ACH
  • chlorine
  • sulfuric acid
  • sodium hypochlorite
  • pH Control
  • dechlorination
  • chloramination
  • Mixing any other additive into water

End Connections & Available Custom Options

Flanged Ends: N/A

Threaded Ends: N/A

Injection Ports: Additive injection connections are offered in male or female NPT or flanged end connections as required by the customer.

Injection Quill: An injection port or quill can be added to the static mixer to allow for an additive stream to be injected directly into the static mixer with desired connection type (NPT, Flanged, Socket Weld, etc).

Materials & Sizing

Diameter: 4″ – 60″

Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, PVC, FRP, Specialty Alloys/Exotic Materials

Mixing Elements

Non-clogging (Hi-Pass) Mixing Elements

Hydraulic forces generated by the patented hi-pass mixing elements disperse the centerline injected chemical across the pipe ID, thereby providing high degree of dispersion and mixing.

Wafer Mixer Sizing Table:


Wafer Line Sch. STD Pipe ID Connecting flange Raised Face Dia.
Size (inch) (inch)
4″ 4.026 6.19
6″ 6.06 8.5
8″ 7.98 10.62
10″ 10.02 12.75
12″ 12 15
14″ 13.25 16.25
16″ 15.25 18.5
18″ 17.25 21
20″ 19.25 23
24″ 23.25 27.25
* One or multiple injection ports can be provided
*Line Sizes bigger than 24″ are also available upon request
* Available in Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, FRP, PVC, CPVC and alloys etc
* Typical wafer mixer thickness/ length is 2″

Downloadable Information:

Wafer Mixer Brochure