Channel Static Mixer for Water Treatment

The Komax Channel Static Mixer utilizes non-clogging mixing technology for mixing water treatment chemicals into water flowing through rectangular channels. The channel mixer can be custom designed to fit open or closed channels and of any rectangular cross section. Its open design ensures low head loss and allows the debris to pass through without clogging. The engineered chemical injection assembly redistributes chemicals uniformly across entire cross section, providing a high level of mixing efficiency as the treated water stream exits the mixer. The Komax Channel static mixer is used in water treatment for both influent raw water and effluent water treatment. Injection quills can be designed and mounted on the channel mixer for the most efficient dispersion and mixing of additive chemicals for the water treatment. The Komax channel mixer can be used to treat influent raw water streams coming into a water treatment plant for injection and mixing of coagulants and flocculants before the water goes to the clarifier. You can also use the Komax Static Channel Mixer for injection and mixing of ozone and sodium hypochlorite for disinfection and caustic and carbon dioxide for pH treatment. Effluent water from wastewater treatment plants also utilize the channel mixer to inject and mix chlorine and sodium bisulphite to disinfect the wastewater for safe discharge into large water bodies, such as rivers, streams or lakes.



  • Water Treatment
  • Municipal Water
  • Waste Water


  • Mixing water with Chlorine
  • Ammonia
  • Sodium Bisulphite

End Connections/Installation

The Komax open channel mixer can be provided in component form to be assembled in place for remote installations. The channel mixer can also be provided as one complete assembly, which can be removed from the channel for maintenance.

Materials & Sizing

Standard Metals: Stainless steel types 304/316SS and epoxy coated steel

Non-Clogging Mixing Elements (Hi-Pass)

The Komax non-clogging mixing elements (Hi-pass) are specifically designed for high fouling duty or pressure sensitive applications. The basis for the mixer design is a set of right rotation elements followed by a set of left rotation elements set at 90 degrees from each other. This is a non-clogging design and can allow solids or fibrous materials to pass thru the mixer. It prevents “stapling” of stringy materials in the flow.

Downloadable Information:

Channel Mixer Brochure