Static Mixers

The inline static mixer provides and energy efficient solution in the process pipeline industry by effectively mixing process fluids to producing a homogenous output. The process stream flow provides all the energy required to complete the mixing with no motors, no moving parts and no auxiliary power needed eliminating maintenance and downtime with in the process pipeline. Komax Triple Action Static Mixers are applied to problems that range from the blending of heavy slurries and pastes to the mixing of low viscosity materials such as petroleum distillates and water additives. Offering big advantages over motor driven mixers and competitive inline static mixers the triple action design offers continuous inline processing of liquids, gases and solids with predictable blending, uniform temperature and velocity profiles.

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Inline static mixers are available in a range of sizes and materials of construction. Depending on the line size, application and process flow the static mixer is typically designed between 1”-24”. Though Komax custom designed static mixers have gone up to 72” and any length in between. Depending on the line size and flow conditions Komax engineers will design the inline static mixer specific to the unique process application and desired results. During this calculation static mixer length and number of elements will be determined to construct the appropriate inline static mixer for your process line.


The materials of construction for inline static mixers, as advised by the customer, are plastics: PVC, CPVC, Clear PVC; Fiber glass or FRP; Steel/Metal Alloy: stainless steel, carbon steel, low temp carbon steel (SA 333 GRD 6), killed carbon steel, and ductile iron; Lined: PFTE, Kynar-Teflon lined, Teflon Lined and Polyptopylene; Exotic/Special Alloys: Chromalloy, alloy 20, monel 400, duplex 2205, super duplex 2507, titanium, titanium grade 2, Hastelloy C276, 600 alloy, SA335 P11.


Inline static mixers or motionless mixers are available in a variety of styles for many different industries to handle countless applications. The inline static mixer by Komax Systems, known as the Triple Action Static Mixer, can be found in water/wastewater treatment, chemical industries, biofuels, oil and gas pipelines and custody transfer stations, mineral mining process, pulp and paper industries, desalination plants, food and beverage processing, plastics processing, power generation, and petrochemical industries.


The Water/Wastewater industries use inline static mixers, wafer static mixers, non-clogging static mixers and channel mixers. Typical applications seen in the water/wastewater industries are mixing of polymer, sodium permanganate, potassium permanganate, sodium hypochlorite, aqueous chemicals, alum, coagulant, chlorine, acid, aluminum sulphate, CO2 gas, NaOH, NaOCI, HCL, antiscalant, flocculant, oily sludge, polyelectrolyte. Materials of construction include PVC inline static mixer, PVC Wafer Mixer, PVC non-clogging static mixer, CPVC static mixer, CPVC Wafer Mixer, clear PVC static mixer, FRP static mixer, FRP Wafer Mixer, FRP non-clogging static mixer, stainless steel static mixer, stainless steel non-clogging static mixer, stainless steel wafer mixer, carbon steel static mixer, carbon steel non-clogging static mixer, carbon steel wafer mixer, ductile iron static mixer, and ductile iron non-clogging static mixer.

Typical applications and material of construction for the biofuels industry are Teflon lined static mixers used to mix corn mash, sulfuric acid, stillage, beerwell and other like fluids. You can also find Komax Teflon static mixers and Kynar-lined static mixers in the chemical, industrial, pulp and paper, plastics, power generation and food and beverage industries where sulfuric acids, caustic, flocculant, coagulant, resin, black liquor, hydrochloric acids, NACL, CL2, where corrosion resistant Teflon & Kynar lined static mixers are used for mixing concentrated acid or other aggressive chemicals. Other lined static mixers Komax Systems offers are PFTE lined carbon steel static mixer, Kynar-teflon lined static mixer, kynar lined static mixer, Teflon lined static mixer, Teflon lined carbon steel static mixer, Teflon lined carbon steel wafer mixer, Teflon lined carbon steel non-clogging static mixer, Teflon lined stainless steel static mixer and polypropylene static mixer.
(Move to Sanitary Static Mixers) Unique to the food and beverage industry or any industry that requires CIP within their process pipeline you can find the Komax Sanitary Static Mixer. These Stainless Steel Static Mixers are electropolished and can come as one unit or have removable elements for easy cleaning. There is a wide variety of food and beverage applications from “solid” materials such as margarine, tomato pastes, Ketchup & Condiments, Mayonnaise, Jams & Jellies, Yogurt, fruit concentrate & Dairy Products to viscous liquids like syrups, peanut butter, batter, waffle batter, French fry batter, and light fluids similar to soft drink products, beer, vodka, vegetable oil, soybean oil, clear fat, flavor and coloring.

The Custody Transfer Static Mixer was specially designed to solve conventional custody transfer sampling and mixing problems in the oil and gas industry. Komax Custody Transfer static mixers are installed in petroleum custody transfer sampling lines such as ship and tank truck terminals or refinery transfers in combination with a LACT unit where proper crude oil metering is an absolute must. The Komax Custody Transfer static Mixer is installed upstream of the crude oil sampling transfer line.

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