The primary function of a desuperheater is to lower the temperature (or attemperate) of a superheated steam line using a cooling water source (typically a boiler feedwater (BFW)). The superheated steam or gas is directly contacted with the cooling water or fluid to immediately begin the process of evaporation and absorption into the steam line. Typically, enough water is injected into the line to bring the steam temperature down to around Saturation (+/- 10°F), but the desuperheaters can be used to only slightly attemperate the steam to a specified final temperature if desired. Komax desuperheaters can also operate with a turndown range of up to 20:1 with proper pressure controlling.

The Komax Desuperheater utilizes a unique approach to desuperheating compared to conventional desuperheaters, using both a low pressure spray nozzle directed upstream of the steam flow and using a patented Equalizer® Mixing Module is incorporated into all of our desuperheater designs. This mixing module is specifically designed for gas/liquid mixing and can shear the water droplets (or cooling fluid droplets) to very fine sizes, which makes for quick and efficient absorption of water into the superheated steam line.

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