Komax Systems, Inc. Staying Ahead of the Changes

From drinking water, desalination, wastewater and treatment plants Komax Systems will design a mixer to fit your individual line size and process application. During the Oil Sands boom in Alberta Canada, Komax Systems modified our Hi-Pass™ sludge mixer with the same patented technology to design a Hi-Pass™ Produced Water Mixer to treat the effluent tailing ponds or byproduct of bitumen froth extraction process.

Combining Patented Technology with New Water Regulations

Using the Komax Patented designs, combined with over 40 years of mixing technology, Komax Systems Hi-Pass Produced Water Mixer is able to help achieve environmental and governmental standards with energy efficient design of no pumps or moving parts.

Tailings management, sometimes called Tailings Reduction or Treatment by those in the industry, demands a low cost, maintenance free, energy efficient way to speed up the reclamation process of the settling ponds, ensuring the MFT treatment process doesn’t slow you down. These ponds are a mixture of mostly clay and sand as a result of bitumen extract in the oil-up industry, which means the need for non-fouling technology is an absolute must. With no motors or moving parts, our Hi-Pass™ Produced Water Mixer is the most efficient and reliable solution.

To mix the polymer with the clay slurry for the desired results, Komax Systems, Inc. factors in the flow rates, density and viscosity to calculate and design the patented Hi-Pass™ Static Mixer. The Hi-Pass™ Produced Water Mixer can be designed in any size and material to fit the pipeline.

The polymer is injected upstream of the Hi-Pass™ elements, creating a shearing action with the clay slurry inducing a chemical reaction to effectively remove/treat the effluent tailings. Komax Systems, Inc. made-by-design approach results in no fouling to comply and paves the road to reduce tailing ponds and their carbon footprint.

The Advantages of Our Patented Hi-Pass™ Static Mixer

  • Non-clogging design is extremely resistant to fouling
  • Mixes chemical solutions into main flows prior to dewatering
  • “Wall-to-wall” radial transfer
  • Very low pressure drop
  • Polymer savings in excess of 25% can be achieved
Refer to our Case Study to learn more about how we can reduce your settling ponds and change your process now Contact Komax Systems, Inc. by telephone or email today to discuss your tailings or produced water reclamation plan.