Control of NOx & Other Emissions From Power Generating Plants With Komax Static Mixer Technology

Several competing systems are available to reduce emissions in the exhaust gases of power generating systems. Most of these depend on the introduction of neutralizing additives to the exit stack of the plant. Highly efficient mixing and contacting of the additive to the exit gases is a strict requirement of these processes. Generally speaking, only a very small pressure drop through the mixing system is allowed.

KOMAX Systems now offers an additive injection and static mixer system

for these applications based on the most up to date technology and design techniques. A good example of the technology involves a coal fired generating plant in the United States. Here, the stack is about 100 meters tall and 4 meters in cross section. Ammonia is introduced to the stack to neutralize nitrous oxide emissions. Good mixing and rapid additive contacting is essential across the entire 20 meter width of the stack. The Komax design was first modeled on 1:12 scale to test performance. The pressure drop allowed was less than 0.02 bar or 0.7 inches of water with a gas flow rate of over 4 million pounds per hour.

In addition to providing controlled and rapid contacting, the unique Komax design approach improves the uniformity of gas temperature and flow distribution across the entire stack width. This is vital to obtaining high efficiency and consistent performance from down stream catalytic beds. The structure of Komax design is modular, and the modules can be arranged in many configurations reducing costs and simplifying installation.

Komax Large Gas Mixer/Scrubbers for DeNOx Application

Stanton Coal Fired Power Plant.
Contractor: NOELL, INC- Herndon, VA
Plant Units: 5 & 6
Application: To mix Vaporized Ammonia into Flue Gas prior to the Catalyst
Bed in an SCR to reduce Nitrous Oxide.
Flow Rates: 927,800 SCFM
Reactor Duct and Komax Static Mixer Dimension: (W) 13 ft x (L) 58 ft x (H) 14 ft.
Number of Komax static mixers installed: 2 units modular design assembled on site.
Date: May 1994

Plant Units:3 & 4
Application: To mix Vaporized Ammonia into Flue Gas prior to the Catalyst
Bed in an SCR to reduce Nitrous Oxide.
Flow Rates: 279,078 SCFM
Reactor Duct Dimension: (W) 2300 mm x (L) 8000 mm
Number of Komax Static Mixers Installed: 4 units (Total)
Date: October 1998