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Desalination Industry Solutions

The desalination industry is a complex and multifaceted sector that involves various processes and technologies to produce fresh water from saltwater sources. The demand for desalinated water has increased dramatically in recent years, particularly in arid regions and areas facing water scarcity.

Industrial mixing is a critical component in the desalination process, as it helps to ensure that the water is properly prepared and treated to meet the quality standards required for various applications. The importance of proper mixing cannot be overstated, as it can directly impact the efficiency, effectiveness, and overall quality of the desalination process.

At Komax Systems we offer a range of solutions to meet the demands of the desalination industry, including custom-designed static mixers, heat exchangers, and homogenizers. Each of our static mixers & heat exchangers for desalination plants is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the desalination process and provide innovative solutions to various challenges.

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static mixers for desalination

Komax 48″ Diameter 150 psi rated filament wound static mixer. Four removable chemical injectors.

Applications for the Desalination Industry

  • Pre-treatment: Pre-treatment is a critical step in the desalination process, as it helps to remove impurities and prepare the water for further treatment. Komax Triple Action Inline Static Mixers are used in pre-treatment to mix chemicals and other substances with water, which can help to remove impurities and improve the overall quality of the water. A Komax Systems mixer is designed to meet the specific requirements of each pre-treatment process, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO): Reverse osmosis is the core process in the desalination industry, as it is used to remove salt and other minerals from seawater, brackish water, or other sources. Static mixers are used in RO to ensure that the water is evenly distributed and the desalination membranes are effectively cleaned, leading to improved water quality and increased production efficiency. Komax Systems' mixers can be customized to meet the specific requirements of each RO process, ensuring that the water is treated effectively and efficiently.
  • Post-treatment: Post-treatment is the final step in the desalination process, and it is used to improve the quality and consistency of the final product. Our triple action inline static mixers are designed to meet the specific requirements of each post-treatment process, mixing in chlorine for disinfection and subsequently mixing sodium bisulfite in to dechlorinate the water, ensuring that the final product meets the required quality standards for drinking, irrigation, or industrial use.

How Komax’s Products Help

The desalination industry is a vital sector that plays a crucial role in addressing the global water scarcity crisis. Our product offerings at Komax Systems can provide innovative solutions to various challenges in the industry, improving process efficiency and product quality, and helping to meet the growing demand for fresh water.

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