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Brewing Industry Solutions

The brewing industry involves the production of beer, wine, and other fermented beverages and uses multiple steps, including mashing, fermenting, and conditioning, to produce the final product. The industry has a long and rich history and plays a significant role in many communities around the world. With an increasing demand for high-quality beverages, it is important that the brewing industry continues to innovate and improve its processes.

At Komax Systems we offer solutions for the brewing industry through our sanitary scepter tank heater and inline static mixers. Our products can play a crucial role in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the brewing process.

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Applications for the Brewing Industry

  • Mashing: In the mashing process, our Sanitary Design Scepter Heater can be used to inject steam to heat the fermentables in order to extract as much sugar from the grains for the yeast to ferment.
  • Mixing in Brewing - Although aggressive mixing is not required, our Sanitary mixer combined with the upstream porous injector is a good fit for CO2 injection to carbonate beer or other beverages. At this stage, fermentation is done and the yeast is removed from the fermented beer/solution.

How Komax’s Products Help

The use of Komax Systems' products in the brewing industry can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of beverage production, leading to increased production yields, reduced energy consumption, and improved profitability. This can have a significant impact on the viability of the brewing industry and its ability to produce high-quality beverages that meet the standards of consumers and regulators.

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