The term “high efficiency” flow conditioner has become familiar in the industry over the past few years. Komax has developed a significant improvement to that technology in the Komax Optimized Flow Conditioner.

By integrating a Komax Triple Action Static Mixer with a standard perforated plate conditioner, a new level of robust flow conditioning has been achieved.


Pipeline flows have a parabolic velocity profile after long distance undisturbed straight pipe runs. Unfortunately meters cannot always be placed in such a location due to installation limitations. As space constraints place elbows and flow disturbances close to meter installations, flow conditioners become critical to accurate metering performance. Many different styles of conditioners have been developed. Until now, they all require significant straight pipe lengths both upstream and prior to the meter to offset their limitations.


Over the past 35 years, Komax Systems has established a reputation for partnering with industry to develop innovative solutions. Our Triple Action adaptation coined the CT (Custody Transfer) Mixer has become the industry standard for conditioning flows in preparation for water cut analysis.

Komax Systems was asked by a major pipeline company to provide a more effective solution to their numerous flow conditioning applications. By installing a specially adapted version of our famous Triple Action Mixer immediately upstream of a standard perforated plate flow conditioner, significant improvements were realized. No upstream straight pipe lengths are required which eases constraints on pipe installations. Only three pipe diameters are required downstream to the meter position. The Komax OFC can be mounted immediately after an upstream elbow. The Triple Action Mixer disassembles all the improper flow characteristics and delivers plug flow. This plug flow is delivered to the perforated plate which then creates a pseudo-developed parabolic profile.

Field testing of the KOFC showed an 80% reduction in meter factor for an ultrasonic flow meter.

Komax Optimized Flow Conditioners can be economically built from 1 ½” to 48″ and are configured as pipe spool assemblies or as pipe inserts.

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