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Tailings Solvent Recovery Heater

Instant Heating by Direct Steam Injection

Komax Systems’ severe duty steam heaters provide large or small volumes of heated process liquids, including water, with very precise temperature control. The very compact inline flanged steam heaters are the same diameter as the incoming feed line. They are significantly more energy-efficient than indirect systems, heat exchangers or heat coils in hot water supply tanks, and provide an on-demand supply of hot water instantly.

Unlike earlier designs, our inline direct injection steam heaters have no moving parts. The steam and bitumen froth, tailings, or other slurry are instantly mixed together by our unique internal equalizer mixing module. The six radially chambered static mixing elements produce and mix very fine steam bubbles into the process flow stream. This design, using no moving parts, provides a solution with very low noise with no significant vibration or water hammer. With a single modulating steam control valve the Komax severe duty steam heater provides better than a 10:1 turndown capability.

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Product Benefits

Tailings Solvent Recovery Heater Product Benefits

Through patented technology, we developed at Komax Systems our severe duty steam heaters, also known as a Tailings Solvent Recovery Heater, to help optimize the Oil Sands separation process. Our designs are made to endure the harshest operating conditions possible. These innovations allow oil sands processors to take advantage of the high thermal efficiency and instant controllability of direct steam injection.

The Komax Tailings Solvent Recovery Heate offers high heating efficiency – close to 100% – as well as a long operational life, low noise output, and minimal vibration making the Komax Systems Tailings Solvent Recovery Heater a breakthrough in this technology. Available in any size to match your application and highly modifiable, this steam heater utilizes tungsten carbide construction in high-wear areas to ensure longevity while in active in your process!

  • 99+% Efficiency.
  • Significant efficiency, controllability, and space savings over any heat exchangers.
  • Low capital cost
  • Little noise
  • Low vibration
  • Highly resistant to scaling.

Our Komax Systems steam heaters have been successfully installed in oil refineries, large industrial buildings for the general heating of water, food processing plants for the heating of slurries, pulp and paper mills for the heating of pulp stock streams and more recently the Tailings Solvent Recovery Heater in the oil sands industry for the mining of bitumen froth.

Technical Specifications and 
Available Options for Tailings Solvent Recovery Heaters

Demand for hot water may vary from no flow to maximum flow. Even with varying water pressures, the Tailings Solvent Recovery Heater will produce hot water at a precise temperature. A temperature controller actuates the steam control valve ensuring the perfect balance of temperature without required consistent oversite. The controller may be manually set to any desired outlet temperature or may be electronically controlled. Komax Systems' Tailings Solvent Recovery Heaters are made to order to perfectly match your application.

End Connections & Available Custom Options

*All desuperheaters are made per customer specification; end connection type can be made per customer request.

Our Custom Product Process

Getting a Komax Systems product for your industrial process is simple! To get started, get in contact with us! Give us a call or submit a quote via our website to get your quote started. 

Once we receive your request and the information associated with your process one of our sales engineers will reach out to make sure we've got all of the information needed to properly develop your quote. With all the correct information, our sales engineers can populate a unique quote specific to your custom design and your process' needs. Once the quote is finalized it is then paired with a drawing mock-up of your unit to make sure the specifications are to your liking and perfect for your system. 

As soon as the quote and drawing are approved your unit is then off to fabrication. While your unit is being manufactured you are kept up to date on its progress and you will be notified once your new Komax Systems product is on its way to you!

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