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CIP Certified Sanitary Inline Steam Heater

Custom Steam Heater 

The Komax sanitary inline steam heater is made of stainless steel, polished (or electropolished), and designed for CIP process. The typical applications for the sanitary inline steam heater in the food and beverage industry are heating of water, CIP (clean in place) solutions, and other heavy viscous slurries such as tomato paste, starches, peanut butter, molasses, and purees.

Using the patented Equalizer™ Mixing Module, no motors/no moving parts are needed to perform the steam absorption, allowing for a continuous process with low to no maintenance or downtime. The Equalizer™ also encourages a lower level of noise pollution and vibrations throughout the line, making the Komax Sanitary inline steam heater provide less stress on the system compared to conventional steam heating devices.

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Typical Applications

Product Benefits

Equalizer Mixing Module

The Komax Equalizer® Mixing Module consists of six mixing chambers installed with Komax’ helical mixing elements that allow contacting of the steam and product to be heated (i.e. water). These elements will then divide and recombine the process flow to form multiple impingent blending zones that produce high turbulence and small steam bubble sizes for a more uniform temperature output with no vibration, no water hammer, and no excessive noise.

Technical Specifications and 
Available Options for Sanitary Inline Steam Heaters

End Connections & Available Custom Options

  • Flanged Ends: Flanged End connections are available for all pipe steam heaters, sizes from 2” to 24”. They allow an easy mounting of the heater directly in the line of the product to be heated.
  • Threaded Ends: Komax Systems offers male and/or female NPT/BSPT end connections.
  • Weld Prep Ends: For custom configuration, the heater can also be provided with weld prep end connections.
  • Tri Clamp Ends: For the sanitary heater, standard connection is Tri Clamp, made of 316SS tube housing, it is available in sizes from 2” to 6”.

*All static mixers are custom made; end connection type can be made per customer’s request/needs.

Available Materials and Sizes

  • Diameter: 2″ – 24″
  • Standard Metals: Stainless Steel
  • Standard Tubing Thickness and Schedule: 10-40

Sanitary Inline Steam Heater

Line Size Port Size Equalizer Overall Length Shipping Wt. Lbs
1 1/2″ 0.5″, 0.75″ 1 1/2″ 10″ 15
2″ 1″ 2″ 12″ 19
3″ 1 1/2″ 3″ 12″ 35
4″ 2″ 4″ 17″ 53
6″ 2″, 3″ 6″ 23″ 96
8″ 4″ 8″ 26″ 174
10″ 6″ 10″ 30″ 298
12″ 6″ 12″ 32″ 400
*Standard connections are Tri-Clamps but can be supplied with RFWN flanges (electropolished)
* Steam Port sizes vary based on steam flow required

Additional Product Details

Steam Heaters can be used in all sorts of industries, which include but are not limited to: Food and Beverage, Oil and Gas Exploration, Chemical Processing, Mining, Plastics Production, and Natural Gas Production.  
Yes! At Komax Systems, we have four different steam heating offerings. Namely, we offer a direct injection steam heater, a sanitary inline steam heater, a steam sparger tank heater, and a tailings solvent recovery heater. Each of these four products provides a unique steam heating solution to a pipeline process. Get in contact with one of our sales engineers to determine which solution is best for your project!
Komax Steam Heaters are used to increase the temperature of a process fluid by injecting saturated steam into the line. The steam is injected just upstream of our Equalzier(r) Mixing Module, which shears the steam bubbles to very small sizes to reduce any vibrations or shaking that may be caused by water hammer/collapsing steam bubbles.

If your questions about our products are not answered here, get in touch with us for more information.

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Our Custom Product Process

Getting a Komax Systems product for your industrial process is simple! To get started, get in contact with us! Give us a call or submit a quote via our website to get your quote started. 

Once we receive your request and the information associated with your process one of our sales engineers will reach out to make sure we've got all of the information needed to properly develop your quote. With all the correct information, our sales engineers can populate a unique quote specific to your custom design and your process' needs. Once the quote is finalized it is then paired with a drawing mock-up of your unit to make sure the specifications are to your liking and perfect for your system. 

As soon as the quote and drawing are approved your unit is then off to fabrication. While your unit is being manufactured you are kept up to date on its progress and you will be notified once your new Komax Systems product is on its way to you!

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