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Custom Heat Exchangers

The Komax sludge heat exchanger can be utilized for mixing and heating municipal sludge, FOG, and manure for aerobic/anaerobic digestion purposes. The sludge-to-sludge heat exchanger can also be used for reclaiming heat from hot outgoing digested sludge to heat the cold incoming sludge. The Komax sludge heat exchanger enhances biogas production and also helps in the production of Class A biosolids.

The sludge heat exchanger or Klean-Wall Heat Exchanger is used to heat sludge in a recirculation loop with a digester, utilized for the co-digestion process. The sludge heat exchanger is more thermally efficient than a straight shell and tube heat exchanger due to the patented non-clogging mixing elements known as Hi-Pass mixing elements, in the process pipe tubeside, and in the shellside. This technology keeps the pipe walls clean and results in much more consistent performance over time with no build up, scaling, or plugging of the waste treatment facilities' effluent line. Due to the heat transfer improvement, Komax shell and tube heat exchangers can be 50% smaller than a standard heat exchanger for the same heating application.

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Our Product FAQs

Heat exchangers work by indirectly heating sludge/manure through conduction. While the material that needs to be heated (the sludge/manure) is housed in an inner tube a heating medium (usually hot water) is run across the surface enclosed in a shell, allowing the heat from the hot water to transfer to the material without having any direct interaction between the material and the water. 
There are different heat exchangers such as Tube in Tube, Shell & Tube etc. At Komax Systems our heat exchangers are Tube in Tube style with Hi-pass mixing elements welded inside the tubes. The hi-pass mixing elements create turbulence along the pipe walls and reduce the boundary layer which helps to keep the same operating efficiency consistently over time. Our heat exchangers also deliver non-clogging performance decreasing operating cost by reducing operational downtime. 
The Komax Systems Sludge heat exchangers are used to heat sludge, manure or fog in a digester, in the Anaerobic digestion (AD) process. These digesters can be usually found in Wastewater Treatment plants, Dairy plants etc. Anaerobic digestion (AD) is a process in which microorganisms break down biodegradable material (such as sludge & manure) in the absence of oxygen. In this process the sludge needs to be heated to either Mesophilic temperature (around 98F) or Thermophilic temperature (around 131F), depending on the desired process. The end result is the production of biogas which can be collected and later combusted to produce heat and electricity, or can be processed into Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). The leftover digested solids can be used as nutrient-rich fertilizer or enriched compost within the agricultural industry.
Yes, our heat exchangers can be cleaned out for routine maintenance. To clean the Komax Systems heat exchanger high-pressure water is used in the clean-out ports located on either end of each pass. The high-pressure water will help dislodge any buildup and clean out the heat exchanger to ensure it continues to evenly distribute heat consistently. 

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