Oil and Gas Industry

January 2, 2017

Industry Standards Tighten with Oil & Gas

As American politics begins its transfer of political power, everyone in the industry is watching the regulations around offshore oil and gas drilling.  There is more […]
December 8, 2016

The Potential for an Oil Sands Emissions Cap

Across Canada, many provinces are calling for a cap on the amount of emissions that come from oil sands production. Nowhere is this more true than […]
December 5, 2016

A Closer Look at a Few of the Markets We Serve

At Komax, our products are extremely versatile. We work within a number of different industries across the globe, helping each to make more of their time […]
August 29, 2016

Is Biofuel Really Viable?

A recent Forbes article took a closer look at what had to be done to maximize profits within the biofuel industry. The article acknowledge the cry […]
July 4, 2016

Komax Custody Transfer Mixers: The Path to Profitability

Custody transfer mixers are crucial to help ensure your crude oil is metered fairly. High quality equipment helps ensure that your company saves money on sampling […]
May 24, 2016

Are Power Plants Getting Smaller?

The need for better power generation methods – it’s been a global conversation for decades now, and there are many factors at play. From alternative sources […]
May 23, 2016

What’s Changing About the Biofuel Industry? The Profit Margin

Biofuel has long been an idea floating throughout the alternative energy community, and it has gained some fairly serious traction in the past several years. Last […]
April 21, 2016

More Oil Sands Projects In the Near Future?

Over the last two decades, Canada’s oil industry has relied on oil sands projects for real growth, and while the market seems to be slowing considerably […]
January 14, 2016

Product Spotlight: Komax Gas and Ozone Injectors

Creating a better mixer does not just mean spinning an element harder or promoting faster flow. These aspects are a one-dimensional view on how to improve. […]