November 20, 2015

The Advantages of Clean In Place Systems

Many of our products offer advanced clean-in-place (CIP) functionality. The idea behind CIP is to offer factories and companies the ability to clean product contact services, […]
November 19, 2015

Thinking Komax? Download the Specs Now

There are many reasons you may be thinking about the perfect Komax solution to meet your company’s needs. We offer a versatile line of products that […]
October 16, 2015

Komax Systems, Inc.

Komax is leader in the field of Static Mixers.  Obviously, Static Mixers go light years beyond sticking a baffle in a muffler pipe to mellow the […]
October 15, 2015


Learning one thing often leads to asking another question. Units and dimensions used to describe technical data and outputs often call for a comparative figure that […]
October 1, 2015

Looking to Reduce Costs? 3 Ways We’ve Helped In the Past

Cost reduction – it’s the name of the game across industry lines. After all, no matter how useful or popular your product line might be today, […]
September 25, 2015

A Powerful Success Story

Our goal is always to help those across industry lines do more from day to day, and we love to hear about success stories from our […]