October 5, 2018

Industrial Applications of the Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger is an equipment used to transfer heat between two materials, usually liquids. In a heat exchange, the two liquids can be either in […]
October 3, 2018

Applications of Komax Ozone Mixer

We are all familiar with ozone. Actually, ozone is an oxidant, made of three atoms of oxygen, unlike the oxygen we breathe, which is made of […]
October 1, 2018

How to Clean Heat Exchangers

Although heat exchangers are either shell and tube or plate types, the individual designs can greatly vary. Along with the construction, the methods to keep heat […]
September 28, 2018

How Does Static Mixing Work?

Static mixing is required in almost every industry. That’s because every industry needs to process fluids for some purpose. A Pivotal Aspect Be it water or […]
September 26, 2018

Static Mixing for Baking Industry

When making cakes at home, what is the process that you usually follow? Pour all the ingredients, such as flour, butter, eggs, milk, and sugar, in […]
September 24, 2018

Types of Heat Exchangers

In a manufacturing plant, there’s always need for heating materials. A heat exchanger is a device used to transfer heat from one medium to another, usually […]
September 21, 2018

Food-Safe Static Mixers for Fruit Juices

Come summer and packaged fruit juices rise in demand. From children to office goers to seniors, everyone loves fruit juices without the hassle of juicing the […]
September 19, 2018

Usefulness of Static Mixers

There is a good reason why static mixers have become so popular all over the world in industrial uses. With rising costs and shorter production time, […]
September 17, 2018

Why Are Steam Heaters Popular?

Steam heaters have risen in popularity in the last ten years or so. The steam heater has existed since a long time, but is more useful […]