Komax Systems, Inc. is a mixing and systems engineering company. Over the years, Komax Systems, Inc. has demonstrated its expertise in hundreds of thousands of mixers in service. Komax Systems, Inc. mixing systems are installed in all fifty states, internationally and with over 40 years of successful operation.

Our know-how in custom Mixing By Design and supplying mixing systems extends to virtually all market places including: Oil Sands-Mining/Mineral Processing

Below is just one example of how Komax Systems, Inc. provided an optimal energy efficient mixing solution to a client within your industry:

Komax Systems received a frantic telephone call from one of the top Oil and Gas companies in the world. This particular call came for Fort McMurray, Canada the location of the Oil Sands mining boom! The client described a plugging problem they were having with a competitor’s mixer. The plugging was not allowing proper mixing and became just that, a PLUG, halting bitumen production.

With the plant shutdown looming in the near future, 2 months to be exact, the client needed to be assured Komax Systems could provide a mixer that would solve this plugging problem and mix the oil sands unlike the competitors so they could resume the bitumen production to increase towards the planned volumes of 110,000 barrels per day set in 2013.

Our applications engineer was able to reassure the client that not only do we have many Komax static mixers in-line for this same Oil Sands application in Fort McMurray, we are well aware of the EXACT plugging problem from THAT competitor and Komax Systems solved the plugging issues with our patented Hi-Pass™ Static Mixer.

The client purchased two custom 20” Carbon Steel Hi-Pass™ Static Mixers in November 2013. They arrive in Fort McMurray shortly thereafter in early December allowing plenty of time for the year end shut down. At this time the units were placed in-line and passed the test! No plugging problems.

Following this success the client has continued to purchase additional units for the current and future plant operations. Komax Systems unique approach of building customer static mixers with over 40 patented designs across all industries blow the completion out of the water.

Through continuous mixing Komax Static Mixers maximize fluid mixing and minimize energy consumption.

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