BevMixerlKomax offers a wide range of beverage static mixers including:

  • Beer & wine
  • Soft drinks
  • Bottled water
  • Juices
  • Distilled spirits

Komax in-line motionless static mixers for beverage applications are available in a wide variety of configurations including:

304L/316L or specialty stainless steels Welded in place or removable elements Electropolished or passivated housings Clean in place (CIP) configurations All styles of end fittings including standard flanged connections, sanitary connections, and plain pipe ends

Typical applications include:

Dissolving CO2 into beer, soft drinks or wine Blending batches of beer to homogenize alcoholic content and taste Diluting concentrated juices Mixing finings with beer to improve effectiveness and clarity Mixing flavorings with beverage Flocculation/Clarification of wine Mixing minerals with drinking water

Komax mixers are powered only by the proportioning pumps in the tube or pipe line system. Substantial power savings are achieved over conventional batch mixing techniques.

Results are highly predictable and product quality and uniformity is assured.