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Frequently Asked Questions

Komax Systems, Inc. is an industry leader in advanced inline static mixing and direct injection steam heating technologies, creating world-class solutions for clients across the globe, spanning a multitude of industries. At Komax Systems we strive to provide our clients the highest quality products that are each custom designed to perfectly fit into already existing piping systems. The process is simple and starts with a free and easy quote. Get in contact with us today by giving us a call or filling out the form on our website!

At Komax Systems we offer a number of products that fall into the buckets of industrial inline mixing and heating and are used as solutions within a wide range of industries. At the core of our offerings, we have a set of 5 products, those being:

  • Static Mixers
  • Steam Heaters
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Desuperheaters
  • Tank Heads

Within all of these are there specific branches that provide unique solutions for a variety of use cases. Each of our products are custom-made and tailored to each project's unique specs to ensure the most effective and efficient end product is achieved. Talk with our sales engineers to get your free quote and find out more!

At Komax Systems we operate across a wide variety of industries some of which are water/water waste treatment, oil & gas, power generation, food & beverage, and chemical processing. To see the entire list of industries that we service visit our industries page!

Komax Systems is based in Huntington Beach, California but does business worldwide. Talk to our salesmen to get your project started today!

No, at Komax Systems we do business across the world and ship internationally! Get your quote today!

Static Mixers

While there are a number of different styles of static mixer offerings here at Komax Systems, such as Channel mixers, sanitary mixers, and custody transfer mixers to name a few, the base purpose and function of our static mixers is the same. The mixer uses fixed triple-action elements within itself to take advantage of the already present inertia of the solution passing along the pipes to effectively and efficiently mix the product without requiring any movement or expending any excess energy. 

Because static mixers do not move and use the kinetic energy that is already present they require no added electrical energy to be used leading to energy cost savings. Along with energy cost savings, the internal elements can be designed for easy removal so they can be cleaned and maintained without much hassle allowing the life span of the mixer to be elongated making the static mixer itself to be an excellent investment for the greater pipeline process. 

By having very specifically placed and pitched triple-action elements within the body of the inline static mixer, the flow of the fluid that is desired to be mixed acts as the propellant allowing the mixer to achieve near perfect homogeneity without added energy as there are no moving parts within our patented mixers. 

If your process is a non-batch-based process requiring consistent mixing within your system a static mixer may be right for you and your project. That being said, the best way to know if a static mixer is a right match for you is by getting in contact with our sales engineers who are expertly trained on the subject! Get your free quote today!

Heat Exchangers

Yes, our heat exchangers can be cleaned out for routine maintenance. To clean the Komax Systems heat exchanger high-pressure water is used in the clean-out ports located on either end of each pass. The high-pressure water will help dislodge any buildup and clean out the heat exchanger to ensure it continues to evenly distribute heat consistently. 

The Komax Systems Sludge heat exchangers are used to heat sludge, manure or fog in a digester, in the Anaerobic digestion (AD) process. These digesters can be usually found in Waste water Treatment plants, Dairy plants etc.  Anaerobic digestion (AD) is a process in which micro organisms break down biodegradable material (such as sludge & manure) in the absence of oxygen. In this process the sludge needs to be heated to either Mesophilic temperature (around 98F) or Thermophilic temperature (around 131F), depending on the desired process. The end result is the production of biogas which can be collected and later combusted to produce heat and electricity, or can be processed into Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). The leftover digested solids can be used as nutrient-rich fertilizer or enriched compost within the agricultural industry. 

There are different heat exchangers such as Tube in Tube, Shell & Tube etc. At Komax Systems our heat exchangers are Tube in Tube style with Hi-pass mixing elements welded inside the tubes. The hi-pass mixing elements create turbulence along the pipe walls and reduce the boundary layer which helps to keep the same operating efficiency consistently over time. Our heat exchangers also deliver non-clogging performance decreasing operating cost by reducing operational downtime. 

Heat exchangers work by indirectly heating sludge/manure through conduction. While the material that needs to be heated (the sludge/manure) is housed in an inner tube a heating medium (usually hot water) is run across the surface enclosed in a shell, allowing the heat from the hot water to transfer to the material without having any direct interaction between the material and the water. 


Desuperheaters lower the temperature of (or attemperate) a superheated steam line using a cooling water source (typically a boiler feedwater (BFW)). The superheated steam or gas is directly in contact with the cooling water or fluid. Desuperheating immediately begins the process of evaporation and absorption into the steam line. Typically, enough water will inject into the line to bring the steam temperature down to around Saturation (+/- 10°F ). However, the desuperheaters can be used to more moderately attemperate the steam to a specified final temperature if desired. This is possible because Komax desuperheaters can operate with a turndown range of up to 20:1 with proper pressure control.

A desuperheater works by injecting a cold fluid (typically water) into a hot steam line to lower the temperature of the steam.  The water that is injected typically is injected via a spray nozzle or in order to absorb into the steam line.  Usually the water will be absorbed into the steam line within about 30 pipe diameters of length, but with the Komax Desuperheater, we can reduce this length to 10 diameters with the use of our Equalizer(r) Mixing Module. The Equalizer shears the water droplets that are introduced into the steam line into a fine mist so the water is absorbed into the steam almost instantaneously.  

A desuperheater can be used downstream of a boiler to reduce the steam temperature prior to being distributed to a user or process. It can also be used upstream of a turbine to reduce the temperature of the steam for safer operation for power generation.

Using three stages of mixing, including our patented Equalizer™ mixing module within the desuperheater. Cooling happens almost instantly as it exits the mixing module, thus it doesn’t require the extensive downstream pipe lay length required by old-school designs. In fact, it needs less space, delivers more accurate temperature control, and reduces or eliminates thermal cycling fatigue in your piping, ensuring improved safety, less wear, and downtime. This makes for quick and efficient absorption of water into the superheated steam line.

Steam Heaters

Komax Steam Heaters are used to increase the temperature of a process fluid by injecting saturated steam into the line. The steam is injected just upstream of our Equalzier(r) Mixing Module, which shears the steam bubbles to very small sizes to reduce any vibrations or shaking that may be caused by water hammer/collapsing steam bubbles.

Yes! At Komax Systems, we have four different steam heating offerings. Namely, we offer a direct injection steam heater, a sanitary inline steam heater, a steam sparger tank heater, and a tailings solvent recovery heater. Each of these four products provides a unique steam heating solution to a pipeline process. Get in contact with one of our sales engineers to determine which solution is best for your project!

Steam Heaters can be used in all sorts of industries, which include but are not limited to: Food and Beverage, Oil and Gas Exploration, Chemical Processing, Mining, Plastics Production, and Natural Gas Production.  

Tank Heads

Tank heads are the end caps on cylindrically-shaped pressure vessels. They can also be used on distillation towers, reactors, drive cylinders, storage tanks, and more. Our tank heads are manufactured according to ASME specs and certifications to ensure top quality during manufacturing. Get in contact today with our engineers to learn more about our tank heads and get a free quote!

We are able to manufacture tank heads out of almost any material! Just provide us with the specification you are requiring and we will be sure to produce your product to your desired specs! Because some materials take pressure differently and are less sturdy when it comes to the flanging process, we must quote on a best-effort basis for some of the more unique materials. Get in touch with our engineers today to get a quote on your tank head project!

In our shop we are able to produce tank heads with an OD ranging from 24" - 120".