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About Us Blog The Gas Static Mixer – Produce High Quality Process Gases for Many Applications

The Gas Static Mixer – Produce High Quality Process Gases for Many Applications

Gas static mixers are useful for mixing various gases. So as to produce technical gas that can be used in various industrial processes. This type of static mixer can be used at any time for a number of industrial jobs. Jobs such as gas supply in burners, metal welding and cutting processes, gas mixtures specifically in medical fields such as for anesthesia and some special mixed gases in the laboratory. Static gas mixer can mix almost all gases such as argon (Ar), carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen (O2), nitrogen (N2), hydrogen (H2), methane (CH4), helium (He), carbon monoxide (CO), etc.

What Industries Benefit from Gas Static Mixers?

Gas static mixers allow the use of process gases to be more flexible, efficient and economical. Processed gas is used in various industries such as the metalworking industry, medical technology, helium leak test, food industry, glass processing, laser technology, diving technology, etc.

In the metalworking industry, the quality of process gases is very important for the proper welding, cutting or smelting process. This industry utilizes a mixture of gases, especially gas of argon and CO2. A static gas mixer is present to produce a mixture of argon and CO2. With a constant and precise ratio and mixing.

The medical world really needs static gas mixers to produce gas mixtures with an accurate percentage. For example, a calibration gas for blood analysis consists of a mixture of CO2 (10%) and N2 (90%). This gas mixture is mostly in pathology and biochemical laboratories. In the analysis of blood samples to detect respiratory and metabolic problems. In addition, there is a mixed gas pulmonary function consisting of a mixture of CO (0.28%), He (14%), O2 (18%) and N2 (67.72%). And laser gas for surgery based on a mixture of CO2 (4.5%), N2 (13.5) and He (77.5%).

In the food industry, a mixture of several gases such as CO2, oxygen, nitrogen or argon is very necessary in the field of food packaging. The gas mixture aims to ensure the longest shelf life and freshest appearance. Static gas mixers are present to mix gas with the right dosage for each type of packaging machine in the food industry. Packaging machines that are often used include thermoforming, hand room packaging machines, etc.

What Industries Require A Static Mixer?

While there are several applications of static gas mixers in different industries. Actually, there are still many industries that require static gas mixers. Such as the glass processing industry which requires the right mixture of gas and oxygen to melt glass. Diving technology also requires this static mixer to produce diving gas consisting of 79% helium and 21% oxygen depending on the depth to be immersed.

The quality of the gas mixture or process gases must be absolutely accurate. Therefore, we need the best and most reliable static gas mixer. To get it is not difficult; you only need to contact us and we’ll get you situated with a quote completely customized to your project.