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Instant Heating Thanks to Komax Desuperheaters

The basic models of desuperheaters available in the market consist of an unlagged pipe section wherein heat transfer to the surroundings occurs due to radiation. However, such exposed parts can be dangerous to those working around the equipment. The setup is not very energy efficient and adjusts to compensate for environmental changes, including steam and steam temperature flow rates.

When selecting and sizing a desuperheater for your specific usage, do keep in mind the factors governing the ‘Turndown ratio’. The word ‘turndown’ implies the range of flow rates through which the desuperheater can operate effectively. Of course, you can deploy multiple desuperheaters to improve the effectiveness of your operation. Steam demand to achieve the desired temperature can then be managed.

A typical desuperheater will be part of the equipment that will:

  • Effectively manage water and steam flowrates
  • Manage variable operating pressures and temperatures
  • Calibrate and operate continuously towards desired desuperheated steam
  • In-line desuperheaters may also factor in the distance traveled by steam before it completes the desuperheating process – also known as ‘absorption length’.

Komax Desuperheaters incorporate smart desuperheating over conventional desuperheaters. They can use a low-pressure spray nozzle to create an upstream of the steam flow in combination with the patented Equalizer Mixing Module. All Komax Desuperheater models are provided along with the module. It proves handy while managing mixtures involving gas or liquids that can shear the water (or cooling fluid) droplets into fine sizes.

Three unique stages of mixing include:

  1. Patented Equalizer mixing module
  2. Desuperheater

Cooling occurs instantaneously as soon as the mixing fluids come in contact with each other. Such action is the result of rapidly increasing the contact surface areas of the fluids. Hence it limits the need for an extensive downstream pipe lay length required by old[1]school designs. Its unique design facilitates a compact design, therefore, leading to space savings. Thereby providing superior temperature control and eliminating thermal cycling fatigue. You get:

  • Safety
  • Less water usage
  • Minimum downtime

Get the best-in-class efficient and effective steam desuperheating that involves no moving parts with minimal maintenance