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About Us Blog Static Mixing for The Polymer Industry

Static Mixing for The Polymer Industry

Every manufacturing plant uses static mixers for some purpose. A static mixer is required for blending two liquids or two gases into a uniform mixture. Any industry that uses liquids needs the help of a static mixer.

In large-scale facilities, tank mixers are generally used for blending huge volumes of liquids together. But the downside is that tank mixers are not designed to handle a small volume of liquids.

For a tank mixer to be effective, it must always be full. Tank mixers are also difficult to install, cost a lot, and are also hard to clean and maintain because of their size. They are not appropriate for smaller units.

Static Mixers vs Traditional Tank Mixers

In this scenario, static mixers are highly useful. Small scale industries regularly use static mixers because they are smaller than traditional tank mixers, have no moving parts, and require no electricity.

Benefits of Using a Static Mixer When Mixing Plastics

The use of a static mixer has many advantages, including energy and material savings, greater efficiency, and hardly any maintenance cost. Wafer mixers are also cheaper than tank mixers and require little space to install.

The efficiency and versatility of static mixers have made them immensely popular in all process industries. From pharmaceuticals to food and beverage to chemical industries, static mixers are used in a wide variety of applications.

They are also used in the also used in the polymer and plastics industry. Heating, melting, and mixing are the three important processes in the polymer industry, and static mixers are often the ideal tool.

In the polymer industry, the plastic is melted and mixed with colors and additives to form different products. Various types of static mixers are used to make this process as fast and efficient as possible.

Uses of static mixer in the polymer industry

Although there are various processes involved in the plastics and polymer industry, some of the applications of static mixers and heat exchangers are:

  • Homogenization of molten material
  • Removing gaseous components
  • Making emulsions
  • Mixing additive (called admixing)
  • Cooling molten polymer
  • Making plastics with the use of injection molding
  • Mixing titanium into a liquid polymer
  • Blends different types of polymer together
  • Polymerization

Komax Systems Inc makes inline static mixers for polymer industries around the world. It has been proven time and again that no other static mixer is as high functioning as Komax mixers.

The Versatility of A Komax Systems Static Mixer

Komax static mixers can be used for processing different types of polymers such as synthetic rubber, nylon, biodegradable plastics, latex, polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyesters, etc. The versatility of these mixers is phenomenal. You will get your money’s worth!