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Static Mixers For Water Treatment

When it comes to choosing the right static mixer, it takes more than just browsing online or asking for recommendations. For the right static mixer, you need to trust only the expert. Static mixers may be smaller than most other equipment, but they serve a huge role in several industries.

When getting a static mixer for waste water treatment, you must make sure that you find the best company to provide you with high-quality products.

There’s only one company that you can trust with static mixers – Komax Systems Inc. Since 1973, the company has been offering a wide range of static mixersdesuperheaterssteam heaters, and more. They combine three hundred years of expertise to produce the best products.

Application of Static Mixers in Waste Water Treatment

Also known as motionless mixers, the use of static mixers are found in several industries. One such industry where the static mixer is used widely is water and waste water treatment.

One use is to mix elements like soda and chlorine into the water. Static mixers are generally used to introduce these chemicals into the water, by creating turbulence within the flow of the liquid, helping facilitate the rapid blending of the chemical.

Static mixers by Komax, such as the Komax Triple Action Static Mixer, are used for this industry. These inline mixers reduce the time required for the mixing and enhance the performance of the elements that are introduced into the water.

There is an increasing demand for potable drinking water that has been chemically treated, and that’s the reason why the right static mixers are essential for this purpose.

Meet Your Water Treatment Needs With Komax Systems

Komax makes a variety of products other than static mixers, developed with the latest technology to provide you with a wide range of mixing solutions. Whether you need a steam heater or any other product for heating or blending, Komax is who you should trust, because they manufacture the highest-quality products from premium materials.

Whenever you face the need for quality mixing and heating devices such as motionless mixers, there can be no alternative to Komax. We have more than four decades of experience in the industry and are acutely aware of municipal and waste water market needs.

That’s the reason we manufacture products industries actually need. The technologies Komax has developed have resulted in more than forty mixing and heat transfer patents. Komax is known as the industry leader, and you can never go wrong with them.

Get in contact with us to get a customized quote for your water treatment mixing needs!