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About Us Blog Do I Need an Inline Mixer or a Static Mixer?

Do I Need an Inline Mixer or a Static Mixer?

The mixer is a critical piece of equipment in a wide variety of industries, from tomato paste and margarine to paper pulp and bitumen.  Perhaps no other manufacturing instrument pulls such a mighty workload than a mixer.  If you are trying to expand your production or upgrade your older equipment, finding the right kind of mixer is an important decision to make.  But how do you choose an inline or a static mixer?

The main difference between inline and static is the issue of moving parts.  Static mixers have no moving parts.  As liquid is pumped through the piple, this simple, low shear device diverts and disrupts the flow using baffles that can produce both radial and axial flow.  This is ideal for heat transfer or for blending liquids.  Static mixers are ideal for blending liquid/liquid compounds or dispersing gases into liquids.  Disintegrating and dissolving solids, however, can be more demanding, and for this process or for creating fine emulsions or suspensions, an inline mixer may be more appropriate.  In some cases, these mixers can even be combined to create a highly homogeneous product with intense high shear.

The Komax Triple Action Static Mixer takes this technology even further.  This innovative design can supply a mixer with two, three or four mixing elements to create high efficiency with short mixing length.  Especially effective where additives to the main pipeline flow have already been introduced upstream of the mixer, this process eliminates any downstream centrifugal effects.  Made of carbon steel, 316 stainless steel, PVC and fiberglass, this product can revolutionize how you do work.

Let Komax discuss your needs and determine what will be the best equipment fit for your production interests.  We have worked with hundreds of companies, both local and international, to improve production and efficiency with customized solutions. Get your personalized quote today!